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BOOT CAMP Weight Loss Challenge?! + My Goals!

Oh, gosh, i’m so excited right now! I came across this challenge on Pinterest and it’s beyond what i need for this new year. I’m young, but i’ve always been overweight, never active, and simply uncomfortable in my own skin, feeling like i gotta cover up all the time.¬†Towards the end of 2011, my mom decided to end her own terrible habits and lose weight, and she ended up losing 80+ pounds by herself. We couldn’t be more proud of her, don’t get me wrong! But now, my 44-year old mother has celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being healthy and here i am, turning 20 this year, wearing her old jeans and being heavier than i’ve ever been! I can’t help but feel just a little… you know. Not jealous! More like, “if she can do it, i should be able to, too!”

I know it’s time for change, and i’ve tried on and off for, oh gosh, i don’t even know how long, but nothing’s given me more motivation than this little community here. I think blogging and keeping track of my own goals, along with taking part and helping to motivate others, will just add on to the wonderful feeling of actually getting myself healthy. Hopefully i’ll be able to help motivate some other ladies out there, too…!!

I signed up for and downloaded LoseIt! on my iphone, and already it seems super neat. After i write this post i’m gonna check out the Shrinking Jeans facebook group, and do the Monthly Fitness Calendar! Also, i’ve made myself a great playlist for walks/the gym, and if i can find a jar lying around tomorrow, i’d like to do my own Jar of Healthy Memories!

So after all that, I’ll list my goals!

First of all, my long-term weight goal is to be under at least 145 pounds. I was close to being that weight when i graduated, and since then i’ve gained about 50! I know it’ll be hard, but i want to believe i can do it. For my very short stature, under 145 pounds feels ideal for my body.

My second goal– NO MORE TAKEOUT! healthy meals, all the time. Learn to cook some good stuff. I work at the food court in my mall, so you can imagine how easy it is to just go to the burger place right next to you for lunch. NOT ANYMORE. if i can go even a month without takeout, it’ll be an incredible feat.

third goal- gym, everyday! Even just walking on the treadmill!¬†my mother goes to a zumba class every single day at her gym, early in the morning. she always says i’m more than welcome to be a guest under her gym membership, so if i can just get myself up early enough every day, i can carpool with her! It takes eleven days to form a habit, right? Hopefully i can make a habit out of daily trips!!

Lastly, i want to share a dream goal that i’ve always had. I like to watch anime, and every year me and my two best friends go out to ANIME EXPO at the LA Convention Center. We rent a hotel and go for 4 whole days! We always have so much fun, and one of our favorite things to do is to see people dress up in some super amazing costumes. Being the shy and super self-conscious me, though, i never thought i would look good in them, so I just dress casual and take pictures of everyone else. This year, i want to feel comfortable enough with myself to dress up. I want to make a great costume and feel great wearing it with my friends! And maybe people will even ask to take my picture! When that happens, I think i’ll feel the most fulfilled and proud of myself, like, “I actually did it!”

I’m so excited. I feel like i’m actually gonna do it. I can do this!! I can’t wait to get started!!