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First Days and Before Pics! // DAY 1

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Today was my first day of change!! …Mother Nature decided to give me a good luck charm. (◍•﹏•)

I fell asleep last night with high hopes for the morning, and I ended up waking up with! TA-DA! My period. Ugh. I didn’t let it stop me like I have in the past, though! I took a deep breath, made sure we had tampons stocked up, and carried on with my plans. Luckily I usually don’t get terrible cramps on my first day!

Today my plan was to completely focus on getting the ball rolling. Since there’s no money in my account for cosplay needs right now, i’ll focus on getting those plans started when the money comes… ;v;

Anyhow! I had my alarm set for 8 since i wanted to go to the gym with my mom. It turns there wasn’t a Zumba class for her today, so she decided not to go. Which ended up good for me! I decided to take a walk/jog around my neighborhood for a full 30 minutes. I had actually gotten to my front door five minutes early, out of breath and legs throbbing, but i still turned back around and did one more lap so i could make it an even 30! I felt pretty proud of that!

Before I left for my walk, I had a great idea to have my mom take my “Before and After” pictures!! I figure I would take my “Before” pics on the first of each month and take my “Afters” on the last day of the month. Here’s my first batch of Befores!





I look at these, and I feel so… bleh. I’m really looking forward to transforming myself into someone I can be proud of. I can’t wait until my afters to see how much I can do in a month. C:

Moving on! As I said in my first post, I’m deciding to swear by LoseIt!, the calorie counting/exercise app! It works great, and I really recommend it to anyone out there that wants to keep track of what they’re eating and how it contrasts with your workout. It even has a barcode scanner! I set a high goal for myself so that I could hit my desired weight in July, so my calorie budget is low. It’ll be hard to keep my intake under the bar but i’m confident!

My breakfast and lunch managed to stay under 350 calories, So I decided to have a cute mini can of ROOT BEER with my dinner. My mom made some chicken kebabs, and i chose to have some leftover pasta from our new year’s feast. My plate came out looking super cute, colorful, and HEALTHY! YEAH! All this at just about 600 calories!



Lastly!! I also mentioned doing a Monthly Work-Out Calendar from, so that’s what I started today! This first month they have a Squat & Push Up set, that increases how many you do each day. Squats KILL me, and my legs are throbbing something awful, so by that I can already tell this is the start of some good progress!


It’s only 6 and i’m tired, so I suppose that’s a good thing. I gotta start heading to sleep earlier. My legs have a triple whammy going on right now, with my now present period pains, my walk, and the squats i did. Resting right now sounds amazing.

Tomorrow I have work, but it’s in the evening, so i’m gonna try to make my morning walk into a routine. If my mom has her Zumba class, though, i’ll take a long needed revisit to the gym! I think i’ll do the elliptical; that’s a guarantee to burn a ton of calories! Also, i’m looking forward to packing myself a nice, healthy dinner to eat at work. I love bento, and I always wanted to learn how to do them, so maybe i’ll look into those for my work lunches…!

-kenni (`・ω・´)”


GOAL: 145 LBS!





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